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Mortgage Brokerage Company

At XIN Mortgage, we understand the value of the dreams that you have cherished for your desired house. As a trusted mortgage brokerage company, we are always committed to help you fulfill your dream with our innovative, reliable and interactive approach to diverse mortgage plans.

Alongside choosing the right mortgage plan, we also help you sketch an outline of your finances in the long run. Basically; we guide you to make the best financial decisions today to secure your financial future  tomorrow.

As an award winning mortgage broker company, we are proud to say that our trusted mortgage services have not only won us awards, but also immense trust and confidence from our valued customers. 

Our dedication and determination to help you in your financial decisions fuels our passion to keep getting better every day. We don’t aim on becoming  just a mortgage broker company, we aim to become your lifelong financial consultants whom you can always trust and depend on. 

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Mortgage Brokerage Company


Our IT Platform helps customers to track their property portfolio and home loan details. Customers can simply login to make client referral and claim commission rebate received through the X-Share program.

Mortgage Brokerage Company


We give back to our loyal customers. Through the X-Share Customer Reward system, customers are able to receive trail commission rebate throughout the lifetime of the loan.

Mortgage Brokerage Company


We are committed to build a lifelong relationship with our customers. From regular follow ups to annual interest rate reviews, we want to ensure you receive most care for your loan.


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Let us help you find a car loan that offers flexibility, a low competitive rate and is easy to get approval.


Our in-depth industry experience will find a great finance option to help you secure your commercial property.


SMSF lending can be complicated. We’re here to simplify the process and find you the best lending solution.


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NAB Broker
St George
Mortgage Ezy
Liberty Financial
Bank of Sydney
AUS Wide Banks
Vow Finance
Bank of Melbourne

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XIN Mortgage Pty Ltd
Karen Lau
2020-01-10 06:17:04
Thank you very much for the whole team of XIN Mortgage, I can have my home loan quick and smooth, staff are very helpful and knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend to everyone also I will use XIN Mortgage for my future purchase. Thank you very much.
Sophie Mina
2019-12-27 02:06:43
William is very professional and even came to our house to introduce himself and get the documents signed. Very warm and down to earth. Will definitely go to him for all our services in the future.
Faisal M
2019-12-20 00:41:42
Great service from Yan Chen. After a bit of shopping around I decided to go with her and she didn't disappoint. I would highly recommend her.
Cynthia W
2019-12-19 00:17:17
I would like to strongly recommend Xin mortgage? especially Wendi? She is so helpful in every step of my home loan application. Wendi is so detailed and answer my questions even some times beyond her working hour. I have already recommended Wendi to my friends who are actively looking for their new properties!
CG Suh
2019-12-18 23:06:17
Roy helped me out with my mortgage this month. Unlike other mortgage brokers, he was very responsive with my questions and inquiries. Hard working professional. highly recommended!!
Conan Yuan
2019-12-13 00:00:53
I recently asked XIN Mortgage to refinance my property. Wendy was really friendly and approachable. She helped me a lot through the difficulties and successfully settled the finance. She constantly followed up with me to update me all the information to ensure my satisfaction in the process. She has great customer service and was reliable. I would suggest Wendy to all my friends and would ask for her help again if I purchase a new mortgage.
2019-12-12 00:58:34
We were very happy. Jessie answered all of our questions quickly, she was very patient and very helpful, and she got us a good deal too! Thanks Jessie!
2019-12-11 10:32:00
I would like to thank Wendi for her professional service to help me apply for home loan. Durhing the whole process, she explains everything in details and answer my question promptly and clearly. It did help me a lot to understand the financial products among different banks. Whenever she answers my question, she always try to find the solution which fits my situation most. Moreover, Wendi has proven her strong problem-solving skill in dealing with different kinds of situations. I am happy to recommend her to my friends because she is helpful and reliable.
Yuki Chen
2019-12-10 22:35:21

Gil Huo
2019-12-09 23:07:38
Great service from Wendi Ma!
tracey Gong
2019-11-27 04:21:02

Zoe Guo
2019-11-21 03:58:47
We had the best experience! Roy helped us with our refinance. During the whole process he guided us through, he has shown his great knowledge of lending, his integrity, dedication and professionalism. Definitely would recommend Xin Mortgage to my friends.
2019-11-14 00:55:24
Such a great broker! Im impressed by Min's profession ,dedication and patience. I will definitely recommend him and love to see him again in my next house.
2019-10-29 22:09:33

2019-10-29 21:23:39
No fuss - hassle free transaction! Highly recommend William Xin and his team not only they get the best rate deals but they also share their commission- that’s a double win!! Looking forward to more rate deals in the near future.
Anson Liu
2019-10-22 11:56:56
The service is excellent! Roy is super reliable, patient and responsible. We are so impressed by his professionalism and hard-working.
Jane Quintos-De Guzman
2019-10-21 04:58:12
Very satisfied with their customer service. Angeline, our agent, is very thorough in the process making sure everything will be favourable to the clients. She guided us and make sure our queries are answered asap. She is like a closed friend who always gives us the best advice. And the best of all, making it possible for us to get our approval. Thank you so much and more power!
2019-10-07 14:03:34
Roy is a very professional and reliable mortgage agent. I really appreciate the time and effort he spent on my case. They well look after their customers and also provide ongoing services. Highly recommend to people who are looking for the best mortgage service!
Ashish Mirchandani
2019-10-03 11:27:44
Excellent service and very knowledgeable. William helped us in securing a loan where other agents could not. Thanks a lot and highly recommended.
Jason Zhang
2019-09-25 07:53:10
Good professional service. Roy is always helpful with my loan application and refinance. Highly recommend !
Xiaoya Wei
2019-09-24 05:31:45
It's rare to encounter a business that so focused on customer service that they go above and beyond to support you. I was facing a problem which is failed to be figured out at all other bank brokers(CBA, NAB, AZN, WETPAT,) and William just provided the perfect solution and supported all other questions during the settlement period. Would highly recommend William and his team to all my friends.
Kane Sun
2019-09-14 09:10:27
Roy is very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Xin Mortgage and Roy to anyone who wants to apply or refinance home loan.
Nhi Nguyen H
2019-09-12 23:46:49
Wendi Ma - Lending Manager has helped us with our bank loan for our first home. She was dedicated, easy to talk to (either via phone, f2f or email). She even worked until late to get my application done in time due to our last minute changed situation. Thank you so much, would highly recommend Wendi Ma and the team at XIN Mortgage.
Claudia Niu
2019-09-12 14:10:48
Excellent service
Peng Lu
2019-09-10 09:15:43
Highly recommended! Super class customer experience and management! It is your privilege to chose to work with those fantastic guys!
Zhiqiang Wang
2019-09-10 03:47:26
great services
michael marquez
2019-08-29 08:06:40
We had a long journey in looking for the best property but William Xin and his team has made our patience and hard work all worth it! They were very professional in dealing with their clients and has made every step of the way so much easier for us. We will be insane if we dont stay with them as they do look after us as if we are their only client! Will definitely recommend him and his team to our friends!
Yuxin Li
2019-08-23 13:16:34
??????????????????? (Translated by Google) Very professional, very patient, very good at work, very efficient
2019-08-09 00:23:11
Really good experience about my mortgage, the broker provided considerate service and make my home loan quite smooth.
Emma huang
2019-08-08 12:19:55
Nicole is really patient and helpful, shares much professional knowledge with us, and figures out the best choice for us. Very pleasant experience with Nicole and Xin Mortgage.
Yiqiao Pan
2019-08-07 06:49:29
They are quite nice people who indeed help me a lot! Thanks veeeeeeeery muccccccccch!
Ying Li
2019-07-26 22:03:08
William is very professional and knowledgable. With friend's referral, we contacted William and he helped us refinance our investment property with his professional advice and broker services. Since then we have been receiving our monthly rebate from Xin Mortgage on time and we are seeing the real continuous benefit. I look forward to consult Xin Mortgage for our future refinances and I definitely recommend William and his business.
Alison Noel
2019-07-25 05:07:03
I would give 0 stars if I have to. They are a bunch of scam artists. I did not receive my rebate from them after months of waiting. Don't waste you time with them.
Y Yang
2019-07-23 08:46:19
Great service, very reliable and responsive. Strongly recommended
Yi Michael
2019-07-17 00:40:51
Just finalized my refinance with Roy, I am so impressed with his professionalism and the service he provided, I would give 6 stars if I could and thanks all for his services. Definitely recommended
feng li
2019-07-10 00:02:16
Great service! Most reliable broker we have used so far. She look after our case very carefully. We will use their service again and recommend to our friends as well.
lin jake
2019-07-09 12:20:29
Thank you for your hardwork and professional service. Really impressive.
Sujit Singh
2019-07-08 07:23:13
I will strongly recommend Xin Mortgage to people out there. And big shout to my broker Wendi Ma, she was amazing throughout the process and we cannot praise her enough. We are a first home buyer and the process was explained so well and we were given good knowledge of market and how things work. Always responsive be it on call, messages, email or face to face meeting. Thanks Team, we are really happy customer ^_^
Chris Chen
2019-06-27 15:00:54
I am very impressed with their professional services. They deliver what they promise and beyond. I got clear instructions to follow, loan was approved on time with the best rates. I will not go anywhere else for home loan.
yi huang
2019-06-27 07:13:25
Thanks for broker Wendi Ma gave us the perfect service.
shadow yin
2019-06-27 02:26:48
Great experience and professional staff.
Vincent Liu
2019-06-24 06:32:33
William Xin and his team are very professional and helpful. When there is a problem, they always provide the best and quickest solution. I highly recommend Xin mortgage! They deserve a 6 star rating!
2019-06-22 00:42:45
Great service from Roy. Thanks!
David Kim
2019-06-19 02:05:17
My broker took care of a difficult situation with a recent property purchase. She was efficient and patient whilst I needed to organise my finances. Her advice was crucial in attaining the loan and her attention to detail and kind approach to our situation is greatly appreciated. I'll definitely be returning for any other mortgage options.
zorik avakian
2019-06-13 09:41:48
My wife and I have been helped by Angeline He (senior lending manager) over the last 12 months. She has been brilliant and helped my wife and I with refinancing our home loan and getting a car loan. She is absolutely awesome at her job and we highly recommend her to everyone!!
2019-05-30 04:04:30
This is the greatest mortgage company! they are very professional and patient with all the issues. I am glad I made the right choice. Thanks for all their help
yuqing sun
2019-05-24 01:18:43
very good,very professional and trustworthy
Magnus Chen
2019-05-17 10:24:56
My broker, Roy, is pretty awesome. He gave me a comprehensive assessment over my financial positions and offered me a loan proposal comparing four different banks, each with its merits (eg. some offers greater loan amount borrowable and some offers more competitive rates). My loan just settled last week and I look forward to working with them again in the near future! Highly recommend this borkerage firm!
Lijia Tan
2019-05-08 02:18:56
I’ve been working with William for the past month to obtain a loan for my first property. The process was simple, efficient and headache free. William kept me updated about the status of the applications throughout the journey and made me feel much valued. Thank you William.
Maggie Wang
2019-04-27 10:51:23
??XIN Mortgage???Wendi???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (Translated by Google) Thanks to Wendi of XIN Mortgage, very warm and caring person. I have no experience in my first loan. She is very careful and patient in explaining the loan plan and the materials needed, patiently listening to and explaining the customer's questions, and also helping to carefully check. The details provided by the lender are really great. I quickly solved the loan once and I am very grateful.
Anthony Lee
2019-04-24 05:54:46

Wuzhou Han
2019-04-19 03:43:14
?????Wendi?????????????????????Wendi?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (Translated by Google) I would like to thank Wendi????, because I want to transfer the loan. I highly recommend Wendi. I work very seriously, professionally and very experienced. The work efficiency is very high. I just got all the loans I transferred in just a few days. Hey, according to my situation, I designed a good loan plan for me, and after her efforts, I also applied for the lowest loan interest rate. I really appreciate it.
Sai Vijai Sankar.V
2019-04-09 09:16:46
Meticulous and thoroughly professional. I would definitely recommend Xin Mortgage to my friends.
shilpa koshy
2019-04-01 22:26:22
Thank you !!
Yi Zhang
2019-04-01 22:14:21
Highly professional and efficient. Clear on the application materials and documents required. There was no going back and forth during the application process. Highly recommended!
Kerong Fu
2019-03-29 06:00:47
Got so much help on our property purchasing and refinancing. Roy is the most warmly helpful and professional broker! Highly recommend!
Yangyidan Gao
2019-03-29 05:16:47
Broker Roy???????????????????????????????:) ????Xin Mortgage :) (Translated by Google) Broker Roy patiently helped me to answer the puzzles and get the biggest loan amount. The whole loan process went very smoothly :) Thanks a lot to Xin Mortgage :)
Tara Alagich
2019-03-18 08:08:47

jun guo
2019-03-15 13:06:00
I knew William Xin more than 5 years, William's team are reliable. The team were helpful, listened well and communicated throughout the process. Very professional and definitely recommended! Once they made a commitment they lived up to it. Very good experience with Xin Mortgage!
Tao Qin
2019-03-15 06:20:37
William is a really nice guy and we know each other for a few years. We bought our properties with his professional advice and broker services. We had really good experience in refinance supported by his professional and friendly team. His wife is also a nice lady and she helps us to manage one of our investment properties. I definitely and strongly recommend him and his business if you are looking for a broker with good value and true relationship.
kaikai xinxin
2019-02-28 05:34:37
Roy is professional, pay attention to details and always helpful. I would like to recommend Roy and Xin Mortgage to all future clients.
Cece Feng
2019-02-25 02:16:16
My firend recommended Roy from Xin Mortgage to me and I just settled my apartment with the help of him. Roy is very professional with all the services he supplied and answer questions very efficient. Roy helped me deal with all the uncommon problems with the bank, and helped me to settle my apartment on time.Strongly recommend Roy and Xin Mortgage.
Johnson Kuo
2019-02-25 01:30:13
Great experience with the team, make my very first home loan successful with no stress, highly recommend!! ^^
Yuelin Linda Li
2019-02-25 01:25:10
Excellent customer service! Roy is one of the best mortgage broker I've ever met.
United Carpet
2019-02-14 23:45:14
Xin mortgage helped me to sort out the loan for my investment property in Feb18. I was deeply impressed by their professional & efficient service. They listened to client needs patiently, suggested the cost effective loan products and prepared all the loan document accurately for client to sign off. Xin mortgage also generously share its profit with its clients via rebate program. I will strongly recommend Xin mortgage to provide the broker service.
Jason Tang
2019-01-31 11:28:09
William is very professional and meticulous. He can listen to my needs and come up with solution that meets exactly what I want. He provided valuable suggestions when there are problems. And he is responsive to my requests. All these make me one of his happy customers.
Angela Chen
2019-01-29 07:11:09
We became their customer since the start up. Xin mortgage is always professional, efficient and put customer at first. They are definitely our trusted partner. We recommend whoever needs mortgage service talk to them.
Bohao Chen
2019-01-29 00:00:40

2018-12-18 03:11:07
Amazing experience from getting pre-approval to getting the keys to our apartment. Our mortgage broker was Sharon and I can't recommend her highly enough!
Shuyun Wang
2018-12-14 05:30:31
Very professional service and pleasant experience throughout the process and extremely happy with XIN Mortgage. I was referred to Roy Huang at XIN Mortgage by one of my alumni at Uni when I was looking for a property to buy around August 2018 and was contacted by more than 10 brokers at a time. I still feel I'm really lucky that I've make the right choice. Apart from his professionalism, Roy is very experienced, patient and provided lots of useful advices during my property hunt (also answering some of mine stupid questions). He made himself available and responds very fast (either phone call, text, or email). As customer to get prompt response when planning to bid at an auction or provide price quote this is one of the most important things. The overall service provided by Roy's firm is also to the highest standard. There is not only a very handy website where you can find your assets portfolio and yearly valuation but they also do follow-up phone calls to make sure the mortgage repayment is on the track. They did everything for me and I don't even need to worry a single bit. So if you are a busy full-time worker who is time constrain and is looking for professional broker service that saves your time, go for XIN Mortgage. A big THANK YOU for Roy's help to get myself a dream home!
Lindsay Kang
2018-12-11 09:41:18
Angeline He is a such great mortgage broker who needs real help about bank system. She is very good at details and explanation. I would definitely recommend her anyone around me.
Brandon KyungYoung Choi
2018-12-10 22:52:08
Angeline helped us not just the mortgage but also buying our first home with detailed advices.
Theresa Poak
2018-12-10 22:33:27

Jing Tao
2018-12-07 04:29:48
I simply cannot speak highly enough of Roy. He and his team put a lot of effort on securing the best possible refinance opportunity for me. Everything was clearly explained, their knowledge, communication and service was fantastic. Would recommend Roy and Xin Mortgage one hundred times.
2018-11-23 11:11:23
At XIN MORTGAGE, Roy helped me a lot on the home loans. He is very professional, patient, and considerable. every time when I got problems or concerns about the policies, he can always provide very good advices as soon as possible. as the result of his help, I got the loans successfully and completed the settlement without any troubles. I highly recommend him and his team to help with your loan issues.
2018-11-15 04:35:46

Michael Tan
2018-11-12 06:40:14
I am very lucky to have met Jessie Zheng. She strives her hardest to give us the best mortgage rate. Jessie really goes above and beyond to help us with our needs. Her positive attitude is very influencing and comforting when I met an issue where I need to urgently settle the property. She is very vibrant and professional and goes super in depth to help us understand our goals.
Ann Hou
2018-10-29 02:50:09

Barbara Zheng
2018-10-28 10:59:08
Very professional, efficient, customer need focused. Also provide excellent post-settlement customer service and support. Will try again with other loans with Xin Mortgage. Definitely recommended!
Lena Chen
2018-10-16 00:49:34
Excellent custimer serivce from Angeline both efficent and approachable. Would def recommend to my friends!
Stephanie Hou
2018-10-15 05:19:05
Great service throughout, I would definitely recommend to my friends.
Claude ZENG
2018-10-15 04:52:08
My broker Sharon from XIN mortgage is a very experienced adviser who is patient and kind. She answered all my questions and offered me competitive rates. My home loan application got approved and processed smoothly. She is not only a home loan expert but also a helpful friend.
Ning Yang
2018-10-15 04:24:20
Highly recommend broker! Exactlly Understand customer’s requirement and very quick Respond and Provide the solution matching our conditions. Appeciate Austin very much!
Ivan Yu
2018-10-15 04:00:51
I am highly recommend Sharon to everyone who’s needs to have a home loan arranged or refinanced. she is professional, efficient and reliable and always put her client’s best interest first.
Jiang Chen
2018-10-15 03:55:10
knowledgeable and professional, highly recommended
Weigang Dai
2018-10-15 03:26:42
Very professional and patient. Outstanding service.
pho you
2018-10-11 04:13:05
professional stuff & considerate service & effective performance
cookie zheng
2018-10-03 04:31:51
I had such a fantastic property buying experience from Roy last month. I have never meet any broker more professional than him and highly recommend him to anyone who is interesting buying or refinance loan. Roy would answer my message even in the weekend and late night. Give very clean instruction on what documents are required and very thoughtful and organized. Based on his professional knowledge, he guide me through the borrowing capacity and loan structure and make everything happened. Now that my property settled, honestly I look back if wasn’t because I meet Roy, I probably won’t secure my dream home purchase. Thanks to Xin Mortgage. This is the first time I ever write an google review and I highly recommend Roy to anyone who is seeking a broker.
2018-09-22 09:38:58

Michelle S
2018-09-20 21:48:57
Angeline was exceptionally hard working when we required multiple loan changes and managed to save us thousands in the process.
safe asbestos removal all areas
2018-09-19 01:40:15
We had the best experience with Angeline nothing was an issue and everything ran really smoothly. Would recommend for sure.
Kang Liu
2018-09-18 02:31:45
I'd like to thank William for his good communication and perseverance to chase the best rate for my refinancing. William kept my refinance in his mind for nearly two monthly, kept chasing the bank and finally found the chance to get the best rate for me. I was well informed and the whole process was smooth and pleasing. Great job and I really appreciate it.
Yat Mui Ku
2018-09-12 14:11:46
Roy is an exceptional broker. He is a expert on tailor-made the home loan plan for every individual client. It has been a pleasure to work with Roy.
Yan Du
2018-09-12 12:18:53

Alice Shen
2018-09-04 10:42:11
Great staff. Very knowledgeable and very attentive. Fantastic service and very quick response every time. Made the process so much easier for us. Definitely recommended!
Nadimpalli Raju
2018-09-04 01:56:40
Fast response and excellent customer service and suggestions. My entire loan process was done very smoothly and got excellent valuation for my property.
Po Chen
2018-08-30 08:39:20
Nice, Professional & Efficient
Robin yeo
2018-08-22 10:00:18
We highly recommend Jenny to everyone who’s needs to have a home loan arranged or refinanced. She takes pride in what she does and she’s professional, efficient and reliable and always put her client’s best interest first.
Sally Tsai
2018-08-19 22:13:23
Jenny from Xin Mortgage is very professional and dedicated to providing the best service. She’s always patient and quick to respond to our questions. She helped us find a better loan product with a lower rate and tailored to our financial situation. Moreover, we had a unencumbered property tied up to our previously cross collateralised loan and our previous lender was reluctant to review/restructure the loan and release the deed. Jenny came up with a solution to restructure the loan to free up that property so we can get the deed back. After settlement, it then appeared the bank misplaced our deed which was delaying the process of releasing the deed back to us and Jenny went above and beyond to chase the bank to return our deed until the issue was resolved. We will definitely use Jenny’s service again for our future mortgage needs and recommend her service to our friends and family.
Jason Lau
2018-08-11 22:18:17
Roy and his team have helped us settled 4 loans. It has been a pleasure to work with Xin Mortgage. They have helped us find the loan products that met our needs. I would highly Xin Mortgage to anyone wishing to find the right loan solution. Well done!
Lijun Shen
2018-08-03 07:15:49
Really professional product and service. My best appreciation to my consultant Jessie Zheng who is really nice and patient to my questions and did a really good job on my first property.
Peter Zhang
2018-07-06 12:06:49

Deana Wu
2018-07-06 05:56:10

Xiaojing Chen
2018-07-06 05:49:16

Robert McEwan
2018-07-03 07:11:54
Roy and the team provided a fast and friendly service. They answered all my questions and worked well with my bank and conveyancer...would certainly use them again.
2018-07-02 13:21:06
William is very helpful and patient since first contact. He was able to come up with the right strategy with the right bank quickly thanks to his professional expertise. He helped to chase the bank for approval until after hours due to tight schedule. Thanks again for your great service and will recommend your firm to others.
Wayne Zheng
2018-06-27 06:49:11
Very professional and diligent service by Xin Mortgage.
saju thomas
2018-06-14 11:47:46
Excellent customer service. I will definitely recommend their service to anyone looking for a five star mortgage broker. Thank you William.
Sunkai Sun
2018-06-14 11:27:51
3 Years ago, XIN mortgage helped me selected, compared and settled down in my first dwelling in AU. A month ago, in such downturn market, XIN still helped me to find a suitable solution to re finance which, I believe, was based the professionalism, persistence and passion to help customer to achieve their dream. Highly recommended!
2018-06-14 01:25:10
We are very glad that we have chosen Roy as our mortgate broker as the first time buyer. He is very professional, patient and efficient. Higly recommend.
Jen Ji
2018-06-13 07:37:07
Sharon from Xin Mortgage has gone above and beyond for me to secure a good loan for my first property. She managed to get my case together all in a matter of days because I was settling very soon. Even after work hours she was helping me with my case! I would not of expected that of her but she has proven to be nothing but excellent at her job and I highly recommend her and Xin Mortgage. Previously I had been with a different broker and he had tried many banks, all with no luck unfortunately, but the first bank Sharon submitted my application to, and it went through! All very smoothly and it really impressed me at how much experience she had because she knew immediately which bank would approve. She even managed to secure me 85% LVR whereas the other broker couldn't even get me a loan with 80%. I highly recommend these mortgage finance professionals and am very proud to say that I am one out of hundreds of happy clients. Thank you Sharon, I can't express how grateful I am to you!
2018-06-08 01:25:14

Xiaolin Zhou
2018-05-30 14:27:01
2018-05-30 05:30:22
I feel very lucky to meet Jessie and Xin Mortgage and chose her as my broker. She is very nice and patient plus professional knowledge. I would be more than happy to recommend her to any of my friend.
Haifan Xie
2018-05-26 04:31:30
William was recommended by one of my co-workers. I developed good impression after first talk because he is smart guy that could understand my requirements quickly, think them logically then organized his suggestions clearly. William is trustable as he approaches the business honestly which minimizes my risks. My first mortgage help by William has been settled smoothly. Thank you! I am looking forward to do business with you again soon.
Info16 SkyTours
2018-05-24 06:00:15

miko kiks
2018-05-15 06:36:17
Great experience and broker found me a great deal/rate as well. Thanks.
Sabrina Zhou
2018-05-13 07:23:43
William as our broker for several years is very professional and always helpful. Practicing diligently and being resourceful, XIN helped us to find good deals tailored to our specific situation. We recommended XIN to many friends and heard lots of positive feedback.
Dillon Tan
2018-04-25 01:39:40
We have been with Xin Mortgage for the last three years and our experience has been great! Roy is such a knowledgable, professional, patient and dedicated person, and with his years of experience in project management and property financing, he has helped us heaps in making informed decisions on the loan products we need and enabled us to secure the financing for our property within a strict settlement timeframe.Complemented with their constant follow-ups and updates, advanced customer online portal, dedicated customer service team and attractive reward system, I would highly recommend Roy and Xin Mortgage to anyone who wishes not only to get their property financed with suitbale products and competitive rates, but also to have a great experience with a customer and relationship-building oriented mortgage broker whom you would enjoy dealing with in the long run.
2018-04-15 22:54:28
Angela and her team were excellent! She listened to our needs and was so helping in securing the right loan for us, clearly explained the product and was so efficient! I couldn't be more pleased with her and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services
Anh Nguyen
2018-03-19 22:07:23

Catherine & Jacky CHEN
2018-03-19 03:35:00

Hongda Wang
2018-03-18 22:58:30
Definitely best of the best. I am very lucky that I have chosen XIN Mortgage. Roy is very professional, passionate and diligent. He is quick to respond and very proactive. He also has the ability to put himself in your position which made this experience so much easier. This is the third mortgage company I have dealt with and after comparing and I definitely know I will have no need to look for a 4th broker.
Rahul Palaspagar
2018-03-12 23:46:31
Extremely helpful, friendly and professional team. Able to suggest and provide best loan product suitable for your needs.
Scarlett Lu
2018-03-01 23:48:43
Jessie as our broker for several years is very professional and always helpful. Practicing diligently and being resourceful, XIN helped us to find good deals tailored to our specific situation. We recommended XIN to many friends and heard lots of positive feedback.
Amelia HAN
2018-03-01 00:49:10
Always give their clients 5-star service. Professional staff with high quality service. Before the Xin Mortgage, I found some other brokers. However, I decided go with Xin because they always thinking from the customer side, they give me the most suitable plan according to my practical situation. Appreciate their thoughtful service.
Wayne ZHU
2018-02-22 23:16:41
Excellent service and very great results. I am very happy with my broker Jessie from XIN
2018-02-19 09:09:28

2018-02-16 03:01:07
the staff r very knowledgeable and work hard to resolve all problems during settlement process. highly recommend
guogai xiao
2018-02-07 04:25:10
Got us the lowest rate at the time, we didn’t have to do much paperwork, would recommend to our friends and fam.
Yunlong Liu, PhD, PE, FIEAust
2018-02-03 16:43:33
Really great agent1
Hanqiang Chen
2018-01-30 11:38:50
The service is really professional and great. The broker is very friendly and her response is always prompt and accurate. Highly recommend!
Janson Huang
2018-01-23 22:27:01

2018-01-22 10:04:33
Angeline made our experience of getting a loan as smooth as possible. She was organised, informative and simplified things to make it as easy as possible for us. She knew her products and was able to give us the best loan at a great rate. Would definitely use again.
Monica Liu
2018-01-18 07:54:33
Roy listened to our requirements and helped us decide what features we’d like. The rate he finally gets for us is very competitative as he had a large penel of lenders. He helped us 24x7 and made the application process so easy. How amazing his team is who turned impossible possible. We couldn’t get our dream house without his professionalism! Thanks again Roy!
Loretta Lu
2018-01-18 02:42:28
Xin has better rate and definitely better service than all of the other banks and brokers that I had ever dealt with. Especially my consultant Wendi, a sweet lady who has always been helpful and responsible. Recommended.
Cindy Cui
2018-01-14 04:18:18
Had a very positive experience with them. Yan has helped me out a lot especially dealing with all the troubles that comes with getting a mortgage. The whole process went smoothly and i would highly recommend this company.
Peter Lu
2018-01-07 12:16:29
Great friendly service. The broker took the time to explain some of the finer details that other brokers we experienced skipped over. When asked questions, the XIN team made sure that we were given clear and direct answers. If my friends were to ask me for a brokerage service. XIN would be the first and only team I would recommend. Thanks!
ivy sleepwell
2018-01-05 01:38:44
They tried their best to help me get a loan that I'm satisfied with. Although there were some issues happening during the process, we worked them out together.
fang junhui
2018-01-02 04:33:57
Excellent service! Quick and detail responds to all queries. All staffs are very nice and helpful. Will definitely go with them again if I need to apply for another home loan.
KJ Quah
2017-12-22 07:42:28
Xin mortgage is the best mortgage broker I have ever seen so far. My broker (Nicole) she is very patient and passionate about her job. When time is come, she will follow up with me about my property settlement details. When approaching settlement, she guided me on all issues until the last settlement day. Well done Nicole! Highly recommended.
Adalynn LU
2017-12-21 04:48:38

Ashok Muthyam
2017-12-21 03:18:42
William and the team are amazing with excellent communication & professionalism, prompt service and the right advise :)
Bang Le
2017-12-18 10:35:48
Yan is very friendly and always willing to try her best to entertain your reasonable request. She managed to help me get very comparative rates for my loans
2017-12-18 02:11:46
I just finished my mortgage with the help of XIN Mortgage. Hui is the best broker I have ever met, who is very patient to answer all the questions, and very wise to find a better way to solve the problem. Thanks Hui and XIN Mortgage, with your help, I have my house settled. Strongly recommend this broker and company.
Nicole K
2017-12-05 13:32:22
Hui successfully helped me to secure a mortgage earlier this year. He provided good and detailed advices based on my financial situation and was very quick and responsive. I would highly recommend him to my friends as a mortgage advisor.
Nika Shan
2017-12-01 20:16:35
Great service and easy process! William is approachable, patient, diligent, informative, knowledgeable and conscientious. He explained our options clearly and follow up on each steps. We are very happy with the process and will strongly recommended to our family and friends!
Vinh Quang Lam
2017-12-01 03:31:55
very professional. quick to answer questions. we got the result we wanted.
2017-11-30 06:16:44
Excellent service, quick response! A novel business method to share profit with their customer!
Donglong Chen
2017-11-29 21:44:52
Great service and friendly team. Roy was very helpful and professional.
Stephen Moore
2017-11-23 03:43:19
5 stars. We've been with "XIN Mortgage" for over 2 years now, primarily dealing with William. We've found the service to be 'above and beyond'. William is proactive in obtaining the best rates for his customers. We've refinanced to a better deal once (this was such an easy and seamless process) and have been advised of other market deals many times. The 'X-Share' trailing commission rebate and the customer referral bonus is fantastic - something I have never seen with any other broker - providing money back in our pockets. Highly recommended. 100+ 5 star reviews are testimony to the service provided.
April Pi
2017-11-09 01:16:35
We settled successfully our property with their help. They are really efficient, reliable and helpful. I really recommend.
Boqi Hong
2017-10-12 03:34:10
Thanks to Lian’s mortgage service! She walked us through the most difficult part of the loan process. The most organized, thorough and professional home loan broker I ever met. It is worthy to put trust on her and her kindness & patience makes people feel being treated as family.
Xiaoqing Shao
2017-10-11 08:10:39
Iceman is very patient and provides lots of good advices to us. Highly recommended!
2017-10-10 05:47:31
William help us with refinancing, also assisted us with recent purchase of the property. Everything has gone smoothly. We are very impressed with the efficiency and follow up that William and his team have.
Samuel Chen
2017-10-05 22:58:54
Highly Recommended!!! The consultant are very professional and especially Sharon Yin is very helpful and always answered our inquiries and questions in time and always very helpful !!! The whole procedure to have all the things sorted out are running so smoothly , so highly recommended!!! A happy XIN Morgage Customer!
Chen Allen
2017-10-05 00:07:47
Hi Yan, I would like take some time to thank you for your outstanding work. You are really engaged and highly responsible. We are so happy to having you to process our home loan. We couldn't be more satisfactory to your professional work. Your strong ownership and quick-response is truly impressive, you never fail to deliver as long as we raise inquiry even in the late night or weekend. You deserve a credit. Regards, Allen
Changfeng Ye
2017-09-29 03:25:17

Michael Low
2017-09-28 07:54:04

victor s
2017-09-20 03:38:21
Our broker was Lian. She was great help right from the very start, helping us to estimate our borrowing capacity and then finding us the best loan option and helping to prepare all the documents for our application. Lian was very responsive throughout the process and answered all the questions we had. I would strongly recommend her!
2017-09-15 05:03:18

David Deng
2017-09-09 00:52:11
Have done my last 2 loans with XIN MORGATE Partner Hui JIANG, very professional service and efficient work, never have to chase them up and all settled as planned. Will choose their service for sure in the future.
Cao Tony
2017-09-06 10:56:41

Gabrielle Darabi
2017-09-06 01:13:06
Very happy with the service. William has always been helpful. We have been happy clients for 2 years now
Nathan Tang
2017-09-04 03:03:27
I highly recommend William Xin if you are after a good broker for home loan. He is punctual, customer oriented, knowledgeable, trustable, and willing to assist as much as he can.
Ran Luo
2017-09-04 02:41:34

2017-08-31 10:11:09

Lisa Evans
2017-08-23 05:47:09
Lian Fan from XIN Mortgage has been with me every step of the way to get me the best deal for refinancing my home loan. She took the time to understand my needs and she worked hard to get me the best option for my circumstances. Lian took care of everything from researching based on my preferences to liaising with vendors on my behalf to answer all of my questions. Lian is efficient, organised, friendly, caring, knowledgeable and available. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Lian to anyone looking for a mortgage broker!
Flora Li
2017-08-22 04:46:31

Kevin Lee
2017-08-21 11:58:25
I appreciate my friend who introduced XIN to me. Their service is very professional and efficient! I would say a big thank you and thumb up to the team. I'd recommend XIN to everyone and I believe you'll appreciate my recommendation end of the day. Keep going XIN!
Leon Niu
2017-08-21 03:38:30
The most professional & wonderful broker services I had been provided with. I would highly recommend it to anyone else seeking mortgage services.
lina peng
2017-08-15 05:53:05
I had my home loan with help of Xin Mortgage
Frederick Wang
2017-08-14 01:30:14
Professional and timely. Love their annual review and the xshare program.
Cindy Xian
2017-08-10 21:08:20
Jessie is an excellent broker. She is diligent, smart and honest. I couldn't recommend a better broker!
Clyde D'Cruz
2017-08-08 23:39:42
Lian at XIN Mortgage was extremely professional and diligent through the process of applying for my First home loan. She provided excellent advice and guidance when it came the choosing the right lender. She always promptly kept us informed of updates with our application. I would highly recommend her if your looking for your next home loan or investment.
Marty Luo
2017-08-08 06:56:15
professional and prompt services
Delwin Lewis
2017-08-05 05:06:47
Very good and knowledgeable
Luke Yao
2017-08-04 10:16:39

2017-08-03 07:58:07
Exceptional service and always work closely with clients. Providing professional advice based on dynamic market and customers' best of interest.
Gary Ming Guo
2017-08-01 23:49:00
Very quick response. Friendly and professional service. Strongly recommend.
Eddy Chan
2017-07-31 06:26:06

Shelly Fan
2017-07-30 05:13:17
We are lucky to have Sharon Yin as our broker. Sharon is a veteran in the industry (though a young lady) with profound knowledge and experience. She seeks the best interest for her clients. Her proposal is always with clear logic. She's a patient and thorough explainer when we have questions, and she does this very promptly - we were never put on waiting durning the whole loan application process. Moreover, Sharon is proactive in clarifying issues/reminding us of key steps. We are impressed by Sharon's professionalism, passion about work and industriousness.
Michael Man
2017-07-26 23:00:23
Excellent professional service and detailed follow-up
Jianbei Zhu
2017-07-26 07:18:03
Lian is the broker for my property. she is professional, patient and nice.
Grace Li
2017-07-26 03:45:54
Our broker Lian is very helpful and responsible. Always provide us professional service. Thanks Lian
Haitao Li
2017-07-26 03:37:53
Impeccable service. Staffs are very professional. XIN has been super helpful to get my first home loan. Did I mention the trail commission rebate? WIth such innovative business model and strong team, I'll recommended XIN to all my friends who need broker service.
siran yi
2017-07-24 06:58:34
William is a very professional and effective broker. He helped with my application for the loan successfully!
Bhushan Anvekar
2017-07-18 06:10:55
I'd interacted with multiple brokers before finalizing but gave the business to William from XIN as he had been a great person to work with right from the 1st day I met, he advised me the right solution for my needs and gave me the best deal in the market. Cheers, Bhushan
2017-07-18 01:16:31
Very Professional and Considerate Service, Especially from their Lending Broker Yan Chen. I simply can't thank her enough for all her assistance throughout my home purchasing and successful settlement!
Vincent Knight
2017-07-11 07:37:01
Excellent! William was outstanding and provided professional advice and took care of everything.
Matt Pribelsky
2017-07-05 11:54:53
The Xin Mortgage team, and our broker Sharon in particular, made our dream home a reality and negotiated a good deal with our lender despite the recently strict lending rules. The communication was always fast and she always responded to our enquiries. Thanks Sharon!
Jane Hu
2017-06-28 05:21:31
Good customer service and very responsive and helpful. Listen to what customers need instead of pushing for their agenda.
2017-06-27 23:13:17

Tina Chen
2017-06-26 07:59:13
Excellent service , really impressed by the patience of staff there , thank you Yan
2017-06-24 12:59:21

Simon Jia
2017-06-22 13:02:41
My loan has been with William Xin for many years. I've been with many brokers but Xin is the only company who looks after its clients' portfolio over the years, they DO take care of their customers! Very happy with them.
Chen LI
2017-06-20 05:39:12

Jian Liu
2017-06-17 06:29:57
My agent Jessie help me a lot in buying my property. Appreciate her professionalism and more importantly patience. I was new migrant and basically knew nothing about real estate in Sydney. She explained every detail about the deal. And everything went smoothly.
2017-06-14 08:53:09
Consistently deliver excellent service! very trustworthy broker who share information and their experience transparently.
Lei Fan
2017-06-13 11:23:43
Lian helped me with my home loan. She gave us very detailed proposal and solutions. She is the person who has attention to detail, works professionally and friendly.
Delia Chen
2017-06-13 06:28:16
I really love the work of my morgage consultant Lian Fan. She's very nice, very patient and professional. Highly recommend her to everyone.
Wei Qiu
2017-06-11 00:18:35

Yvonne Bo
2017-06-07 07:18:26
XIN Mortgage provides good services. Roy help me grant my home loan in a short time. Really good experience with XIN
Di Wang
2017-06-07 01:17:41
????????????????????????????roy????????? ???????????. (Translated by Google) From the loan of the car dealer to several other companies, the final choice of this, the boss roy's service, speed, interest are the most perfect, the industry conscience.
Kate Knight
2017-06-02 07:48:05
Through a recommendation from family, my fiance and I engaged William to assist us with the purchase of our current home. I have been extremely impressed by William's reliable, professional and approachable way of working. William is willing to answer our many questions and was also able to search for the best options for our needs. I would highly recommend Xin Mortgage Broker (which we have done twice already) and will definitely return for any future mortgage matters. An added bonus of Xin Mortgage is the trail commission which we receive each month :)
Kaja Inthusegaram
2017-05-28 12:27:55
Very good service
Liying Xu
2017-05-19 08:57:04

Ma Miles
2017-05-19 08:10:28
The property I purchased is at Victoria but we have no problem in communication via email and post in an efficient way. I definitely loved the monthly rebate. XIN Mortgage suggested me to do a rate lock which I did and just 2 days later after submit the application, the interest rate increased A LOT. Thank you so much
Stefanie Zhang
2017-05-18 00:21:13
Xin Mortgage provides the best customer experience, very efficiency and attention to details. My broker Roy is very professional and reliable. Highly Recommend!
Serge Fo WANG
2017-05-11 11:55:02
I got to know Xin from my colleague. In the beginning, Xin was very keen to meet me however I missed his appointment. However, that was not the end of my bad memory. Again, I forgot our rescheduled appointment for the second time. Then I was in a karaoke bar singing songs with my colleagues while he was awaiting me and calling me in front of my house. I was terribly sorry since I knew I was so rude however I did not know what to do to make up for Xin. I invited him to come over to meet me in the karaoke bar, so he agreed. That was our first time face to face meeting. My first impression of Xin was that he has a very patient and mature personality. I believe I can rely on him. Since then I have decided to go financing with him. During the home application process, he was superbly responsive and patient, though I must admit I have given him quite a lot of pressure for the things that both of us could not control. I feel sorry for that too. Also, he did me a great favor for asking his colleague Angeline to JP a file requested by my conveyancer. I can never forget that he and Angeline finished JP-ing the file very late in the evening, they left my home around 11 pm. I am very grateful for that. Xin is different from any other broker that I have seen in the market. He is very customer-centred and takes care of his business very seriously. I could not recommend him more if you need finance. Now Xin and me are friends though both of us have been busy. I am sure he can also become your friend too.
Henry Wang
2017-05-11 05:03:10
Yan Chen and Roy Huang's outstanding professionalism was impressing. They were knowledgeable, diligent and most efficient. They were always ready to go the extra miles - I often saw them replying to my queries or updating me the status outside working hours. They helped me finding a home loan that best suited my circumstances. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with them. Without hesitation, I give XIN Mortgage my highest recommendation.
Ang Lu
2017-05-10 05:39:45
It was a great pleasure working with Xin. He is a top tier professional broker who is responsible, efficient and capable. He cares about his clients and represents his clients' benefits. He helped me to settle my mortgage with the choice most suitable to my needs. I am very happy with his service.
Mei Mo
2017-05-10 04:59:48

zhang ombelle
2017-05-05 05:47:06
Xin Mortgage provide the best customer experience I've ever got previously. The consultant is very professional and reliable. It's very stressful process to settle a property. So glad to get help from Xin Mortgage who is reliable and get everything processed so smoothly.
Zhijia Liao
2017-05-01 01:47:07
Very professional services.
Sherry Li
2017-05-01 00:40:25
William is very organised and knowledgeable, we can trust him to help us find the best solution of our mortgage. The XIN Mortgage provides a good customer service, it’s easy to user their online websites to manage my investments.
Brian Cao
2017-04-21 02:52:53
Excellent Service! Highly Recommend! Very professional and patient broker I have ever seen. you just did a great job and really want to thank what you guys did for me.
Carol Tang
2017-04-19 06:11:20
Very effective and excellent customer service, provided me with all useful information and customised my plan for mortgage. Compared all available choices for me!! Highly recommended :))
Steven Weike Liu
2017-04-19 05:19:04
We decided to purchase a property a few months ago and started looking for one. We both knew it was difficult to deal with banks in terms of home loan and decided to find a broker who can help us with this matter. After some poking around, we did find Jie Zheng from XIN Mortgage, who was amazing and very responsible, within only days she managed to get our loan application pre-approved and another short period of time for the unconditional approval . In addition, she also helped us with property hunting questions, we were really happy with her generouity and willingness to help . Now our property has been settled without any problems. I would like to thank her and XIN Mortgage very much for all her help.
Jun Fu
2017-04-18 11:43:21
XIN's efficiency and attention to details are outstanding, their customer service is first class. They have truly upped the game in mortgage services. I highly recommend their service.
Anthony Su
2017-04-11 03:11:25
A highly professional team that provides great services
Wen Liu
2017-04-10 22:53:12
excellent service and good rebate program.
Justin Tholath
2017-04-09 11:58:09
Xin mortgage provided all the guidance I required as a first time home buyer. Being relatively new to Australia, I wasn't sure about the procedures. I really appreciate the help and honest advice provided by Xin mortgage. Thank you.
Michael Zhu
2017-04-07 05:44:22
XIN mortgage provided very professional services and I'm very happy with their customer services as well!
Biyou Ma
2017-03-27 06:18:08
Very helpful guys and provided us with professional and timely-manner services and financial advises. Strongly recommended.
cloris yang
2017-03-26 22:00:42
I had a borker before ----- his work was terrible!!! no paper documents, no help, really bad services...I complained him to his company, but there were no any answer too. I didn't trust any brokers anymore. But I met Xin, he is different borker company, very professional, responsive and helpful. highly recommended!
Dennis Tang
2017-03-23 01:18:25
As a long term customer I would highly recommend this broker as they have been very attentive, efficient and responsive, not to mention the competitive rate they get you. A hands-down 5-star service for sure.
2017-03-02 03:35:15

Yuming He
2017-03-01 10:39:05

Allen Mi
2017-03-01 05:07:50
very professional, responsive and helpful. highly recommended
Jane Li
2017-02-22 03:04:07
Xin Mortgage is different with other brokers I dealt with before, the service not end when mortgage contract signed. As they promised, they initiated the yearly account review and help you to get better deals. I'm happy to be with them.
2017-02-07 10:26:23
good job? XIN is a kindy Broker. He help me got my dream property in time.
Craig McDonald
2017-01-30 05:38:27
Did a great job getting me the best rate, credit i needed and pushing the banks to process all aspects well in advance of the deadline. I would and will be recommending Hui to others, thanks!!
YuJie Tang
2017-01-20 12:22:28
The best broker service, 100% recommend to all! Patient and knowledgeable! Simply hassle free.
Kai Zhang
2017-01-17 22:25:00

Ke G
2017-01-14 03:06:24

Michael Bu
2017-01-12 05:57:51
Very professional and knowledgable. Roy answered all our newbie enquiries throughly and timely with great patience. Great service throughout the entire loan process and went extra miles with helpful advices far beyond his responsibilities. Highly recommend XIN Mortgage to everyone!
Richard Murphy
2017-01-05 07:50:41
Highly recommend; Very diligent, sourced the market thoroughly, really felt like I got the best deal - without the feeling of being "sold to." Very responsive too never had to chase. Will be using them again.
Wei Li
2016-11-04 05:59:18
Xin and his team are extremely reliable, kind and thoughtful professionals. They always act on their clients best interests. I had been with them for more than 2 years no doubt I fully enjoyed their services. I will definitely recommend Xin and his team to my friends.
Ying Qian
2016-09-24 20:45:51
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? (Translated by Google) A different company will tailor a loan plan for you and share bank benefits with you. Attentive and professional service. Friends-like interaction. thank you very much. Very satisfied. Would recommend it to a friend.
Edison Sun
2016-09-21 12:31:01
Angeline from XIN Mortgage is highly recommended. She provided options which others had not even considered. The team has always been able to give me ongoing & clear advice. It won't go wrong with XIN Mortgage.
Yingchen Yu
2016-09-21 04:35:05
I would highly recommend XIN mortgage. I was provided a lot of trips, suggestions and ideas on the home loan so I can compare and decide which is the best option for me. A big thank you to Angeline He who is senior lender manager from XIN mortgage :) I have got the satisfying and competitive interest rate for my home loan.
Sun Zhiqiang
2016-08-29 06:12:27
I chose Hui Jiang for my home loan. All I feel is the service is so brilliant in every aspects: communication, efficiency, financial benefits. The online platform is clear and easy to use, the customer service is helpful and straight forward. The way they talk to customer like friends thinking all for your sake. I would definitely recommend XIN Mortgage for your home loan broker.
Chi Xu
2016-08-10 22:07:58
William is the best broker I have even had, very responsible guy.
Nebu Cherian
2016-08-10 02:12:39
XIN Mortgage has been managing my loan for the last one year. They are very proactive and make sure the customer will get the best interest rates always. With the latest interest rates cuts, banks announced only rates cut up to 0.13 percent,but XIN mortgage managed to negotiate with the bank and get 0.22 rate cut for my loan. Thank you so much Mr Xin.
Nelly Gong
2016-08-10 00:25:58
Excellent service I became a client of Xin mortgage two years ago. Xin mortgage has provided their expertise to help us financially for our properties and has worked hard to ensure our best loan interest. Through the time passed by, Xin mortgage keep contact with us and keep providing the excellent client support by updating the property market value and following up the loan interest rate. They are extremely professional and proficient and always taking care of their client. I will stay with Xin mortgage and continue to recommend to my friends and family. Please keep up the good work!
Gloria wang
2016-08-08 11:15:05
Fantasic service, staff is kownledge and quick response, highly recommended
Zhenrui Cheng
2016-08-08 04:15:00
Great service from this mortgage broker! Brilliant system for checking my mortgage prifile. And proactively contact me for rate review after half year which save me thousands per year. Recommend to everyone!
Changming Sun
2016-08-04 11:16:23
Highly recommended!
Ben Ma
2016-08-04 01:59:16
Xin Mortgage is simply the best home loan broker that you probably could find in the market. Very professional, providing all the details and answers I was after or even not aware of until Xin gave the explanation and heads-up. Great loan rate and other various benefits. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Xin to my friends and actually Xin is highly recommended to anyone looking for a great broker to get the best possible deal and service.
Yamei Wang
2016-07-15 11:43:26
Reliable, considerable professional team with proactive follow up even long after my settlement! Strongly recommended - XIN gets clients know all the process and they lead you through step by step - XIN has an exceptional cloud based system that allow us to access to mortgage profile - most of all, XIN shares with me half of their commission as rebate And just today, I got a call from my broker that she proactively applied for a discount in my existing interest rate! That is awesome!
ce xin
2016-07-08 23:48:11
My broker was very helpful during my first purchase, his professionalism won my trust at the first time. The whole loan application was smooth and quick. Another thing I want to add is post settlement service, I was informed about the better rate discount done by my broker proactively after 6 months settlement. 5 stars, the service is supreme.
Roy Huang
2016-07-08 05:01:46

D Miss
2020-01-14 06:07:43
My broker Hui Jiang is a professional and trust-able person to work with, I believe his service is valuable to us and definitely I will recommend him to others.
Felix Schmitz
2020-01-16 09:27:13
Roy and his team have been absolutely awesome in helping me with my home loan. I am a first home buyers and they are assisted me with getting all the paperwork together. The service has been super professional and smooth. Roy is very responsive and keeps you up to date about the progress of your application. The team @Xin mortgage is very organized. I highly recommend to consider using xin mortgage if you are looking for an awesome mortgage broker.
Upendra Singh
2020-01-23 21:32:02
I appreciate a great welcoming service from XIN Mortgage. Very friendly and helpful!
xiurong li
2020-01-22 22:07:49

Cynthia W
2019-12-19 00:17:17
I would like to strongly recommend Xin mortgage? especially Wendi? She is so helpful in every step of my home loan application. Wendi is so detailed and answer my questions even some times beyond her working hour. I have already recommended Wendi to my friends who are actively looking for their new properties!
2020-02-05 06:59:10
Roy and his team helped me a lot with my first home loan! He is such a experienced and patient broker?He answered all my questions clearly and did nearly all the tings during the process! Highly recommended?????
Mike Chen
2017-07-04 03:29:58
Great service, consistant support and trail rebate - money in the pocket. What more are you looking for. These guys are not doing one off job for you, you can trust them with a lifetime service. I introduced at least 20 of my friends and colleagues, all happy.
Tung Dang
2020-02-19 10:10:37
Excellent service! Thank you Wendi Ma from XIN Mortgage for helping me going through the home loan with NAB!
Chenchen Wang
2020-02-19 08:56:36
Jessie is quite patient and helpful. She provides professional financial services and I recommend XIN Mortgage and Jessie.
Axel C
2020-02-19 00:05:11
Professional and high quality of service, would highly recommend.
xianghui wang
2020-02-13 02:21:03
The team is great!
Ning Zhang
2020-03-08 01:41:14
Hui has been a great consultant from the beginning. We have had a great experience with him and his team.
Shawn Feng
2020-03-05 20:46:32
Thank you Wendi for your powerful support. Without you the loan approval would be much much delayed. Thank you for helping us on the application. Also a big confirmation on your service, you have been so friendly when servicing and professional when providing advices. We will be definitely coming back. Have a great weekend!
Siting Gao
2020-03-03 23:02:55

Jes Chen
2020-03-03 21:02:34
Great service!
Martina Liang
2020-05-14 04:31:42
Roy from Xin Mortgage did an amazing job in helping me with my first ever home loan. He assisted me with getting all the paperwork together which was done very smoothly and professionally. Roy was also very responsive and knowledgeable where he made great effort in explaining important details, which was very important to me as this was my first loan. I highly recommend anyone seeking to take out a home loan to use Xin Mortgage as they are very organized and take good care of you.
Wang Fred
2020-05-12 23:15:11
I just refinanced my home loan with XIN. Heidi is a very professional and caring boker, she worked tirelessly and found the best deal available based on my requirements. Will definitely use them again.
cassie zhao
2020-05-08 00:47:17

Christina Li
2020-05-07 01:16:02
Yan(Nicole) has been helping us since we apply for our first property, she’s very professional and efficient on what she does, always quick turnaround with our questions and requests, this is the second time she helped us and excellent as usual, really appreciate her help and highly recommend!!
Liyong Tang
2020-05-04 01:34:31

Jeanette W
2020-05-01 02:17:12
Yan is a great mortgage broker. She has helped me navigate through the uncertainties during the Covid-19 situation and successfully locked in a loan for me.
Wanting Zhang
2020-04-29 22:42:59
Professional and high quality of service, would highly recommend. If I can give more than 5 stars I would. Thanks Roy.
Enid Wang
2020-04-23 09:31:33
I would highly recommend Wendi. She is very helpful in every step of my home loan application. Very professional and patient. Thank you so much for all your hard working.
2020-04-21 03:45:48
Roy is very professional and helpful to get us there best deal and meet our requirements.
Saqib Javed
2020-04-17 14:07:18
Excellent Brokers for first time home buyers
yuk chuen tsang
2020-04-09 01:25:04
Best service !
Richard Yu
2020-04-05 23:48:55

Myron Fonseca
2020-03-26 21:48:21

Shan Cao
2020-03-26 02:17:51

Anne Huang
2020-03-24 21:49:04

Kimi Chen
2020-03-22 22:33:54

Rong Lin
2020-06-05 10:44:51
Definitely 5 stars. I strongly recommend broker Maggie for her being so professional and approachable. Always patient and ready to help, always calm and prompt to find the best solution for me. Talk to Maggie. I believe she won't let you down.
Kaiti Qiu
2020-05-21 05:03:03
Prompt response, good advise, smooth processing
J Lee
2020-05-18 00:57:31
Wendi helped us very well even at late night. She constantly communicated with us and leaded to apply our home loan very smoothly.
Lei Kong
2020-05-18 00:42:16
Excellent and professional service!
Minjung Kang
2020-05-15 00:43:14
Professional, knowledged, helping and fast brokerage service for customers. Happy working with Angeline.
Sarah Hu
2020-05-05 00:07:08
I can highly recommend XIN Mortgage. My broker Angeline was very helpful and responsive to my many questions, she stayed up late at night to finalise my loan application as well! The trailing commission rebate is also a great bonus.
Julian Ang
2020-04-28 09:59:23
Great help and managed to get be the loan Irequired when other lenders were not willing to lend. Good communication throughout
Angela Yang
2020-04-16 09:53:00
I'd highly recommend XIN Mortgage to anyone who is seeking professional assistance with their home mortgage application. Kudos to Wendi who went out of her way to ensure our application was finalised and ready to go. Given the short notice and tight deadline with our property purchase, Wendi did everything she could to help us. She had full command and knowledge over all the intricacies involved in the mortgage application and she explained all details to us at every stage. Simply with her professionalism and strong work ethic, we knew we had found the best broker we could in Sydney.
Dee Wu
2020-03-24 12:04:41
Great service! And my broker was always readily available and very attentive as well. I will definitely recommend XIN Mortagage to anyone who needs mortgage help.
Jie Chen
2020-06-07 03:23:55

Monica Susantio
2020-06-10 05:16:25
Definitely highly recommend Jessie! She is very helpful an friendly. She’s very knowledgeable and responsive to all our questions. 5 stars service and professional. Thank you Jessie for all your help!
w gu
2020-07-09 10:41:25
Recommend broker Maggie from Xin Mortgage. she is professional , patient and responsive, help me refinance my home loan.
Yanni S
2020-07-09 04:34:02
I strongly recommend XIN Mortgage if you need one! I had a very pleasant experience with them form my loan application. Without them, I could not think that I could buy such a nice property. They are very knowledgeable, professional and accountable! Go XIN Mortgage!
Chen Jeff
2020-07-09 03:04:54
Roy from XIN Mortgage managed the whole process in a professional and timely manner. Especially their strong relationship with Banks really helps to accelerate the application and save a lot of time! Highly recommend!
Liz Sun
2020-07-08 04:11:59
Jessie is very knowledgeable, professional and always responsive. Highly recommend!
Stephy Geng
2020-07-07 07:46:27

Tony Wang
2020-07-02 10:55:03
Can't be better!!! Nicole offered very professional service with my application and my application was processed very fast. I reaaaaaaaaaaally appreciate her help.
Jian Chen
2020-06-28 00:11:50
Maggie is a very responsible professional. She works tirelessly, even after hours. We got our loans approved almost promptly and settled and received the cash incentive payment during even the most difficult COVID time.
Frank Tian
2020-06-27 12:57:51
I’m glad I had Wendi help me refinance my home loan. She is knowledgeable, precise and responsive. Not just simply switched the lenders for me, she carefully sought the best tailored products that suit my personal circumstances despite the Covid impact. When I vacillated between two banks at the end, she was patient, walked me through all the pros and cons. This has finally helped me make decision. Absolutely professional. Highly recommended.
Uk Youka
2020-06-26 00:41:01

Sai Q
2020-06-23 04:12:22

Michelle Hsu
2020-06-19 11:37:33
Very responsive to any enquiries and communicated in a friendly manner. Would recommend!
WaiLoon Chan
2020-10-29 13:33:40
Top class customer service from Maggie Wang @ Xin Mortgage. Maggie was professional, friendly to deal with and genuinely patient with me throughout the loan application process. She was very responsive at replying my email/phone calls. Thanks again Maggie & it's been a pleasure dealing with you.
Frank Sun
2020-10-29 10:17:25
Wendi Ma organised my lending case till finalised. She shows a professional, efficient, and problem- solving manner when explain to me. Saved my time from beginning to end. Try to figure out concerns through different ways. Very responsive to my questions and patient to answer all my query. Best lending manager I have ever seen before. Strongly recommend wendi to someone who are looking for a trust and professional broker.
C Tbl
2020-10-27 23:08:22

wenjing yang
2020-10-21 10:09:24

Grover Lin
2020-10-21 05:22:32
I had a great experience purchasing my first apartment with Heidi at XIN Mortgage! She was super responsive, helpful, professional and always willing to help with any questions I had. The process was easy and Heidi was able to secure a great home loan package for me. I will definitely be in contact again with my future property purchases!
Jessy Yang
2020-10-19 12:46:34
Heidi is very patient and thoughtful. She did her best to help me with my home loan. I really appreciate what she did for me.
Yue Gao
2020-10-15 08:37:04

2020-10-11 16:31:15
I had Wendi Ma organise my finance for my home, she is the best broker by far , so helpful , always professional and courteous.Wendi went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and on time,besides getting me the best loan interest rates. She always communicated with me even after hours many times due to my shift work. I would highly recommend using her to anyone looking for financial services. Thanks so much Wendi for a job well done. Much appreciated..???? Kind regards Anthony
LJ Lau
2020-10-06 02:12:55
I highly recommend Roy and his team at Xin Mortgage. Roy is always very professional, responsive and trustworthy.
Julia Zhu
2020-09-30 00:25:11
Roy was very adept at finding me a loan that satisfied all my requirements. He is to be commended on his quick responses and his solid understanding of his clients' needs. I would not hesitate to use XIN Mortgage again! Thank you!
Justine Tilden
2020-09-29 10:18:13
Maggie was amazing! We were always kept up to date with how our matter was progressing. Maggie went above and beyond and was very professional. We would highly recommend Maggie to anyone looking for a broker.
Kaile Sun
2020-09-28 10:41:29

Ken Leong
2020-09-24 04:01:41
I'd like to thank Heidi for her dedicated work to organise my mortgage. Heidi is a professional mortgage broker. She tried her best to set out the best mortgage package with the lowest interest rate. She helped me a lot by giving professional opinions during my property purchase.
Remi Banuelos
2020-09-21 23:11:35
Angeline was fantastic. Very responsive, highly knowledgeable and great service.
X.C Bentley
2020-09-21 07:33:43
We would like to thank Wendi for her dedicated and professional work on our home loan. It was during COVID and many of our friends were so hard to get their home loans approved, or else they came extremely slowly. Wendi had a few conversations with us and understood our needs very much, we would especially thank her for her proactive suggestions, we were able to get the pre-approval before we put an offer for our dream property. After signing the contract, some problems did come unexpectedly, but were solved neatly without any mess by her. We ended up got our unconditional approval from our favourable bank under her help. And she is very patient too. She answered our questions in a clear and understandable way no matter how trivial they were. She also introduced a lot of financial knowledge to us, which would definitely be useful for our future investments in the real estate market. Wendi is also hardworking and considerate. She was responsive to our enquiries, and she printed and brought the contract to our suburb for our signature and handed it in to the bank. Definitely we’ll recommend her to our friends!
Harish Mohan
2020-09-18 06:58:48
With No doubts, Wendi is the best broker i have interacted so far. She has a lot of patience in dealing with the clients who are new to market . She also educates the client in the area like interest rates, LVR and much more. I will defintely recommend wendi for my friends and family in the future.
Jeff Wang
2020-09-15 00:48:11
I feel really lucky to have XIN Mortgage do our home loan refinancing. I owe a huge thanks to Jessie for her great help all the way. She is always professional, patient, and supportive. Sometimes we contacted her late in the evening, she always responded promptly. Excellent customer service and highly recommended!
2020-09-07 23:43:34
Wendy is more than just professional and provide me with valuable suggestions on my refinance?higly recommended
Anthony Lin
2020-09-03 03:09:59
The advise & the whole process of the refinance of my home loan was so easy, smooth & hassle free. Constant & great communication. Surprised how stress-free it was. Highly recommended! Thank you Angeline
Swagato Mukherjee
2020-09-01 23:44:27

Job Fransen
2020-08-21 01:14:07
We worked with Jessie on the purchase of our home and we could not be happier. She is professional, and makes a confusing process very clear by guiding you every step of the way. We highly recommend using XIN mortgage’s services, and especially Jessie’s.
Justine Murphy
2020-08-17 00:49:52
Maggie at XIN did a fantatic job in helping us refinance our properties. She was very informative, easy to deal with, and most importantly has saved us a heap of money. Thank you Maggie!
li wang
2020-08-14 01:06:55
Big thank you to Wendi Ma, who is a lovely lady working really hard! She helped us apply for the home loan and refinance with in a professional way, maximized our benefit and followed up with the settlement.
Xuyun Zhang
2020-08-11 01:05:02
Very patient to handle something usual and very friendly.
Yuting Zhuo
2020-07-29 22:31:11

chen pan
2020-07-27 06:51:51

Yue He
2020-07-17 08:49:51
I love their service , hui as my broker is very patient and professional , I got my both loan done with him with no drama, he is the best and I have referred him to all my friends who need the service , they also speak very highly of him .
Chanh & Lily Lien-Sun
2020-07-16 02:41:10
Roy negotiated a great deal for our mortgage refinance, and made the whole process very smoothly. He managed to speed up the applications, took the stress away from us, and delivered excellent results. Roy and his team always provide responsive, professional and trustworthy services to a high standard.
Pavan j
2020-07-15 23:52:36

Winnie ZHANG
2020-07-14 09:33:32
XIN Mortgage is very high efficient and professional team. Ms Heidi Li, as a senior lending manager, was always responsive, hard-working, easy communicating and got the job done. Heidi has been very helpful and has been a great guide for my refinance and new home loan pre-approval requirement. Heidi took swift action on all important aspects like property evaluation, required documentation and even discussing the best rate options. She has good knowledge of loan options, understands the requirements of the finance and advises us accordingly. Regular communication, flexibility and supporting through the settlement was so important that allowed us to relax and she made it quite easy with her way of working. It was a great experience dealing with Heidi and Xin Mortgage team. I will recommend them to all my friends who looking for a Loan.
Annie Deng
2020-07-12 10:13:52
Working with Maggie from Xin has been a pleasant experience. She managed to obtain a valuation which easily refinanced my properties without paying LMI. She also found a bank with the best interest rates and $4000 bonus for new customers. Moreover she designed a flexible loan structure that cut my monthly cash flow by utilising my existing savings. Maggie is responsive. She does not avoid any difficult tasks and very easy to talk to. Highly recommend Maggie and Xin as your mortgage broker choice.
Jane Li
2020-11-04 09:23:49

Echo Yang
2020-11-04 07:47:01

Camila García Maañón
2020-11-02 21:22:58
David has helped and assisted us through the whole process and always available to help explain. Thank you!

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